Octopus in Bullwhip Hot Sauce

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Octopus in Bullwhip Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Giant Pacific octopus, Alaskan bull kelp, water, vinegar, tomato paste, expeller pressed non-gmo vegetable oil, garlic,salt, piri piri, xantham gum, pure cane sugar, 

There’s nothing like the canning process — heat, pressure, and time — to infuse the flavor of our favorite hot sauce's spicy piri piri peppers, garlic, and kelp into this tender, mouthwatering tinned octopus.

Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce is flavor first, heat second, and on a scale of “hint o’ spice” to “ignites the heat receptors,” this sits comfortably right in the middle — igniting your taste buds instead. And with a tender texture that is almost more reminiscent of pork than seafood, it’s perfect for even a new seafood eater! 

This octopus is sourced sustainably from fishermen in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. 

Wildfish Cannery makes artisanal products and is a true friend working to harness the value of Alaska’s resources, create resiliency for coastal communities, and keep the health of our oceans a top priority amidst changing climates. 

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