Equipment Rentals

Host your own raclette party. 

Here's how it works:

The 8-person raclette grill rental is $25+tax for 48 hours*. When you pick up the rental, we charge your card for the full amount of the machine ($195.00+tax), when you bring the machine back we refund you the difference.

At pick up we will do a full inventory of the box with you (there aren't really that many pieces) and again when you bring it back. If anything is broken, damaged, or dirty, we will add a small charge to cover those items. If it comes back it good condition, we won't. 

Call us at 416-285-8482 or email to reserve. We can also recommend the best cheese, meats, and pickled things for Raclette!


*Rental period is two ( 2 ) days or approximately 48 hours. Rental are due back by end of day (7pm) on the day they are expected. Returning the unit any later will result in a late charge. Additional days are $15 per day.