Buffalo Bliss

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Buffalo Bliss

Ingredients: Pasteurized water buffalo milk, bacterial culture, rennet, salt. 

This brie-style cheese is made with 100% grass fed, non-gmo water buffalo milk from H.O.P.E. Artisan Dairy Co-op. This cheese has a thin rind with a brilliant white, incredibly velvety paste inside. The aroma is mild and milky with a flavour that brings to mind cracked walnuts and fresh cream up front with a little hint of mushrooms & wet earth creeping in the back. Serve this with some figs alongside a glass of Viognier and you're set.  

Our cheese case is small and meticulously cared for. We don’t try to carry everything, but instead we scour the field for tasty and interesting cheeses that satisfy the imagination as much as they satisfy the palate. We keep an ever rotating selection of about 45 cheeses in stock so there is always something new to try, but you can count on finding your favourites too--and every one of them is delicious!
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