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Cheese Club

Welcome to Cheese Club! Our monthly, curated box of delicious things shipped on the first Friday of every month. Expect at least 300g of cheese plus accompaniments & other products, all around a theme + notes and an array of perks! Explore them all in the tabs :)

Know you can cancel any time. But if you love Cheese Club, you can also pre-order for 6 months or a year & receive 5% off ALL PURCHASES for the entirety of your membership. 

∎ At least 300g of cheese, curated by our fromagiers to a monthly theme.
∎ A selection of delicious accompaniments and other wonderful products we carry in the shop.
∎ Tasting notes and recommended pairings for the cheeses.
∎ Free delivery.

∎ 5% all GC purchases when you subscribe for 6 months or a year.
∎ First access to new products and limited run items not available in store.
∎ FREE cheese pairings when you visit our patio and buy a bottle of wine.
∎ Access to our staff through a dedicated email where we can answer questions & provide recommendations for all your cheese and/or wine related inquiries.
∎ Unlimited good vibes

Order before 10AM for same-day delivery throughout the GTA everyday except Sunday! We're also available for pick-ups and in store shopping 11AM to 7PM seven days a week. 

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did we mention if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months you get 5% off every purchase you make?