Our Patio

Everything you need to know about our summer patio on Gerrard St East

During the summer months, take advantage of our semi-shaded patio, right outside the shop. We offer counter service* during our regular opening hours for wine by the glass and small shareable plates. You are also welcome to make use of the patio to enjoy anything from that shop that you’ve purchased - grab a beer, one of our daily sandwiches, a bag of chips, whatever!



Bread & Butter
Blackbird sourdough with cultured butter from Cow’s Creamery in PEI

Chilled Watermelon
Fresh, juicy watermelon, cubed and chilled for your enjoyment

Small, crunchy pickles perfect for snacking


Castelvetrano Olives
Mild, meaty olives for everyone. The best olive period.


Cheese of the Moment
Comes with crackers and one accompaniment
9/per cheese

Served with cornichons

Served with chips & lemon
Spiced Mackerel Pate 13
Smoked Mussels 18
Sardines in Olive Oil 17


Browse our online inventory of drinks or head inside to ask one of our staff to help you narrow it down!

Ask at the counter to find out which wines we’re got open and are currently offering by the glass. Prices vary.

Wine Bottles & Cans →
Looking for more than a glass? We’ve got you covered.

Beer →
Choose from our wide selection of delicious beers.

Non-Alcoholic →
We offer a range of beverages to suit all tastes.


*counter service = order & settle up inside (sorry, we can’t run a tab), then head outside to get comfy! Anything that requires a bit of kitchen prep will be brought out to your table as it’s ready.