Greetings Cheeseheads!

Welcome to the inaugural Good Cheese Blog post! I hope you all had a cheese & wine filled mother's day weekend. It was sunny and beautiful and I don't think we could have asked for better! We'll have more to come this week but for now let's get introductions out of the way…

My name is Adrian and I’m one of the owners of Good Cheese, a small wine and cheese focused grocery store in Toronto’s East Chinatown. We opened our doors in 2017 with the original intention of being a wine bar with a cheese counter but these days we just focus on retail. You can browse our selection here but in short: We sell wine, cheese, beer, cider, snacks, pantry stuff and lots of other tasty locally made and imported foods. We are open for in-store shopping but you can also shop online for pick-up and GTA-wide delivery.

We are cresting into our 4th year here at the shop and looking forward to bringing more new initiatives like this one out into the world. It may seem a bit odd for a cheese and wine shop to have a blog and you wouldn’t be mistaken but you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we know a whole lot about wine and cheese. It’s always been part of our mission to share all of that knowledge with you guys and what better way to do that than our very own blog?!

If you’d like to hear even more from us please sign up for the Good Cheese Newsletter! The newsletter is your bi-weekly source for new products, goings on in the shop and hot deals. Even if you don’t want to hear more from us, we’d like to hear from you! If you have any questions about wine, cheese, beer or fine food in general please let us know! You can use our contact form to submit your questions and concerns for future consideration as a post on: The Good Cheese Blog.

Please keep an eye out for later this week when I'll be deep-dive into the anatomy of the perfect cheese board. Until then, au revoir!