Orange Wine // Blue Cheese

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Orange Wine // Blue Cheese

The traditional pairing for Stilton is Port (we love it with this Late Bottled Vintage), and its a good pairing--a great pairing even! But this wheel of Colston Basset Stilton deserves a pairing as special and unique as it is. Something that will rub up against its fudgy, chocolatey notes in new and revealing ways. We love how it interacts with this bottle of orange wine from Alsace. 

The Vignoble du Reveur (Riesling, Pinot Gris; 10-days on skins) pours a burnt copper colour, with orange blossom & apricot on the nose. On the palate you'll find more apricot, fine tannins, and a clean saline finish. 

This is an A+ combo that is one of those rare, whistful occasions where every element is enhanced into a harmonious masterpiece. Think chocolate covered apricots, silky marzipan, a true success story! 

This pairing contains 1x bottle of Vignoble Du Reveur Singulier & 200g Colston Basset Stilton. 

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